10 Reasons why ABNA should handle your local debt collection:

  1. One-Stop A/R Resource ABNA can help you to manage any part of you’re A/R worldwide from Day One invoicing to litigation, and all steps in-between. Learn More
  2. Global A/R Coverage Local ABNA staff, associates, and colleagues work within all regions of the world. We truly understand regional and local needs. Learn More
  3. Tailored Solutions We provide industry specific cash collection solutions built around your exact short/mid/long-term working capital objectives. Learn More
  4. Get Faster A/R Results Our collectors can improve your rate of recovery and lower DSO faster than what can be achieved in-house. Learn More
  5. We Cut Your Costs ABNA’s results allow you to shift or reduce FTE cost, eliminate procedure waste, streamline your structure, and centralize A/R operations. Learn More
  6. ABNA Costs Less Our services usually cost less than your own local in-house team, other third party collection options, factoring, and other collection methods. Learn More
  7. Easy Information Transfer We can work with your preferred method or existing system (i.e. SAP) to exchange account placement details, invoice/statement info, status update data, etc... Learn More
  8. DSO Objectives Achieved ABNA staff will work with you and your team every week to make sure that your continued objectives and goals are accomplished. Learn More
  9. Customer Safe Service Your continued relationship with your customer is always our top priority. Our services are always 100% customer safe. Learn More
  10. A Stable Partner – ABNA We have extremely low employee turnover. The same collectors and customer service professionals will service you for years to come. Learn More