We handle everything in-house, and don’t need help. Why outsource? top
In most cases, we can reduce delinquency at least twice as fast as your in-house team. By allowing ABNA to handle the most time consuming part of your A/R, your in-house team will be able to focus 100% upon the remaining A/R. You’ll experience less delinquency, lower DSO, and set the stage for faster A/R growth.
We already use agencies, so why should we consider ABNA? top
ABNA exists as you’re most affordable industry specialized one-stop shop for all cash collection related needs worldwide. We can do the job locally, more effectively as an industry specialist, and at less cost than what your agency, agencies, or local in-house collection operation can. If given the chance, we’ll do the job more efficiently – guaranteed.
We choose to factor our receivables. Why do we need ABNA? top
Factoring exists as a good short-term fix or bandage which can temporarily stop the bleed, but it will never heal your problem. Plus the collection approach within factoring can damage customer relationships. ABNA offers customer safe short, mid, and long-term improvement which heals the problem. Unlike factoring, we make it possible to rehabilitate customer payments and sustainable A/R improvement. Also, our solutions typically cost less than factoring.
We utilize securitization programs. Why do we need ABNA? top
Like factoring, this is a short-term fix. Please refer to the response above.
We have credit insurance. Why should we work with ABNA? top
If you utilize our collection service, we can save you money from added fees and higher premiums that credit insurance companies would typically charge.
We don’t have the budget for this. Therefore, how can we possibly work with you? top
Considering that we typically work on a ‘no cure no pay’ basis, and that we’ll quickly reduce any A/R placed while driving faster cash collection – you do have the budget for this. Actually, a customized plan and price will be built around your budget needs. We’ll not only make sure that you can afford this, but that you will increase profitability as a result of our efforts. Basically, we’ll make you money, not cost you money.
Are ABNA collection services going to harm customer relationships? top
Absolutely not! All of our services are 100% customer safe. Our service is customer service focused at all times. Plus we have certain processes in place to ensure that we’ll have absolutely no negative impact upon your business.
What is the best way to get started with ABNA? top
Simple – give us a call or email us today! We make each job roll-out easy for you. There’s very little info we need to get started. Our relationship will be low maintenance for you and your colleagues every step along the way. Place a group of your most difficult accounts with us first, and then let’s work from the top down to reduce delinquency while tightening up your A/R one step at a time.
How should we exchange placement and status report data with ABNA? top
When starting with ABNA, it’s usually best to start simple with a pre-prepared ABNA placement Excel spreadsheet form. As the relationship grows, online data sharing can be implemented and utilized.
Would our customers continue to pay us or ABNA? top
This is up to you. Both ways are fine with us. Keep in mind, that our results depend upon how fast your customers payments come in. So if they pay us direct, we’ll know instantly.
If ABNA receives the payments, when will ABNA remit to us? top
We typically remit payments to our clients every two weeks.
How can we measure the success of ABNA’s work? top
Within the first week of placement we’ll penetrate all of your accounts. We’ll then be able to provide you with a month end payment projection. By month end we’ll see how much ABNA has collected versus what you’ve been able to accomplish in-house or via other agencies. And throughout the month, we’ll stay on top of such payments as we keep you informed.
Will we be communicating with numerous ABNA representatives? top
We’ll dedicate one primary long-term project leader from our side. As our relationship grows into local regions and countries, we’ll dedicate local project leaders who will work with your local staff. Collectors who are involved with your portfolio(s) will also be available to your team when needed. Otherwise, we like to keep the communication stream tight.

If you have questions which we have not answered, send us an email and we’ll answer them right away!