Tailored A/R Solutions Tailored solutions for changing situations

We realize that all clients have constantly changing A/R situations and needs both great and small. Our job is to work closely with our clients to identify exactly where there’s room for improvement within any part of their worldwide A/R structure at any given time.

There is always room for better cash flow results somewhere within every company. Once we understand where that need for A/R improvement exists, we can prescribe an exact solution that works in tandem with any in-house structure.

But first, we need to identify what’s wrong...

  • Are slow paying public customers in Southern Europe constantly ignoring payment terms?
  • Do you have frequent invoice disputes involving distributors within the Middle East?
  • Is there a lack of internal A/R management results within a certain business group?
  • Does the problem concern invoice procedure waste, price differences, and lack of follow up?
  • Is there a need to move from a decentralized A/R structure to a more centralized structure?
  • Or ... are there simply a few bad debts out there that need to be cleaned up ASAP?

ABNA can provide an effective short, mid, or long-term fix for any cash collection based need. In fact, we have professionals that specialize within specific industries. This allows us to offer a more concentrated solution via "industry specialized" service. For example, if the problem involves a large Pharma client who is dealing with slow moving payments from a distributor in Saudi Arabia, who is not getting paid on time from a public customer - we have the exact staff and experience to solve the problem.

Within every individual job or portfolio, we're able to dedicate more staff, hours, resources, and perhaps added experience via our dedicated full-time collection staff. Thus, we're able to greatly enhance any credit and collection department from day one - and offer immediate results.