A/R Management Improve your A/R management process and results

Once we’ve cleaned up old delinquency and achieve steady DSO reduction, the next logical step to take involves either full or partial A/R Management. As we steadily improve customer payments, it’s important to make sure that such improvement and payment performance continue. If not, debtors tend to revert back to their bad payment habits. Strategic A/R management ensures that stability is maintained and improvement continues.

A/R Management involves having ABNA manage some or all cash collection for either:

  1. specific groups of difficult clients
  2. certain buckets of A/R over a certain outstanding invoice date
  3. clients within a certain target region or country
  4. entire divisions or business groups within targeted geographic regions
  5. full-scale A/R for any and all divisions or business groups worldwide

ABNA can handle everywhere from Day One invoicing all the way to dispute resolution and initiating litigation proceedings - and all steps in-between when it comes to the entire A/R process worldwide. No A/R management job is too small or large. Within any A/R project it’s our job to continue to improve cash collection, maximize efficiency, improve process, and help to further streamline and/or centralize cash collection efforts in order to achieve greater results quarter to quarter and year after year.